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Shengzhou Jincheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2008, is the earliest microcomputer controller, and actively committed to the design and production into new product LED lights automotive electronics business module, forming a set of automotive electronics and LED circuit board design and development, manufacturing and sales in one module. Professional development and design engineer with the ability to undertake all types of electronic products and industrial automation control panel of the circuit, the LED headlamps, tail lights, showing the wide lights, and other professional automotive electronics, automotive lighting, high-tech enterprises. After nearly years of unremitting efforts, the company has now grown into a well-known strength of advanced technology-intensive enterprises. Product quality to TS16949 (Automotive Electronics) system certification for the quality control standards, the company produced by the micro-controller covering hood, air conditioning, water heaters, dishwashers, rice cookers, air conditioners and other home appliances.

The company occupies 36 acres, has built a standard plant area of 14,000 square meters, office area 3200 square meters, the annual design capacity of LED circuit board module more than 2.6 million, the current output value of billions of dollars, currently employs more than 300 people, set up under the technology research and development quality quality control department, production department, project department, marketing department and other eight departments. Company financial strength of technology, attracted a large number of hardware and software management personnel and technical personnel, product development has a wealth of experience in the development, development speed, to be completed over 50 development projects each year, more than 20 production projects. Product design is stable, strong anti-interference, the market price of the full cost domestic and foreign customers trust, 60 percent of products are exported to Middle East and European markets.

The company has two SMT production lines 100,000 standard purification plant and clean electronic plug assembly workshop, advanced detection equipment (printers, SPI solder paste thickness and to detect sub-board equipment, Yamaha, Samsung automatic placement machine large reflow furnace after the furnace AOI automatic test equipment, large-scale automatic plug-in equipment, a large wave + AOI, hardware based online all equipment is excellent across the board lower plate pack fully automated production processes job having advanced R & D equipment complete processing and testing equipment, specifically including the spectrum analyzer, automotive lamps with light systems, ICT circuit tester, high and low temperature heat cycle test chamber, temperature box, luminance meter, temperature tester, RF conducted immunity test system , full Weld, transport simulation vibration tester, high and low temperature and humidity testing equipment, voltage drop simulation equipment, group pulse generator, online testing equipment, instruments, such as oscilloscopes) and scientific testing process and strict quality control, from raw materials to ensure the products of high quality.

Advances in technology today, there is no innovation and no ability to cost-control can not be based on the market. The concept of the company's efforts in innovation, technology, products, services, management, corporate culture and corporate image aspects, to ensure that enterprises always in the forefront of the industry. We "such as the quality of integrity eternal" for the purpose of the company, "Kim Cheng affect even expand ourselves," the corporate culture, "integrity and pragmatic innovation efficient" as the spirit of enterprise, based on the solid foundation of quality on a "people's cost is our sales price "is our business enterprise sharing client objectives, seek win-win development.

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