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H26 Specification

1Basic parameters



 Operating Voltage

Operating voltage switch board main chip: +3.3 V - +5.5 V, +5 V DC voltage generally used as the standard operating voltage, error 5%

Power board voltage: Input voltage AC 220V, output DC voltage +12 V and +5 V;

+12 V DC voltage for the relay; +5 V DC voltage supply switch board controller chips work, the error is 5%

Lighting voltage is AC220V

 Operating Current

 Switch board working current I Q 200mA
  Power board working current I Q 500mA


 See photos

2Function Description

Power key: Press the power button once , the display shows the power mark , it means that the switch into standby ; regardless of what kind of fan is in working condition long press the power button for 3 seconds to enter Beijing hour setting mode, this time by adding keys and minus keys to adjust the hour ; press the power button again will enter Beijing minute setting mode, the cursor can be reduced by adding keys and keys to adjust the minutes ; setting time to complete five seconds after exit time setting.

Minus key : In standby mode , this button for continuous operation at high speed - medium - low - neutral - high in cycles .

plus key : In standby mode , this button for continuous operation at low speed - medium - high - neutral - low in cycles .

Lighting key: lighting control independently controlled from the power button , press the key once the light turn on lighting , switches also enters the standby state ; press lighting and once lighting off.

Delay key : In standby mode , press the key to enter the 3 minutes delay default low delay time , then the delay time is flashing , can be reduced by adding keys and keys to adjust the Delay Time 0 - 9 minutes cycle.

Remote Button Function

TIMER keys: function keys with delay

SPEED + button : Functions the same plus key

SPEED- key : Functions the same minus key

LIGHT keys: Menu with illuminated buttons

ON / OFF key: If the lighting is not open, ie the switch is not in standby mode, press this key to switch into standby mode , when the fan is operable ; if the switch is in the standby mode when you press this key, the screen displays power mark , the other no output ; if the switch is in the standby mode and the fan is already running , press this button to turn off the fan and then the screen shows the power mark

3Dimension Data

Switch display panel
Physical map

Key Description Figure

PCB Layout

Switch top view Dimensions

Switch back top view

Power board

Power Board physical map

PCB Layout



Physical map


4All kinds of cable
Power strip with switch cable between the display panel

Lighting cable

Fan cable

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